Sub 1:50 800m sample base training program

Hello there beloved reader of this blog. Let’s talk specific 800m-training. I spent most of last winter training with a friend of mine who also happens to be a 1:48 800m runner. So I thought I’d share a training week of ours with you guys. The training week below is from november 2014:


AM: 30min progressive running + 4 strides

PM: VO2-max workouts I.E. 12x400m 45sec break


AM: Rest
PM: Intensive plyo and stairs, often a 1.5-2 hour workout


AM: Lifting session: squats, deadlifts, etc

PM: 16km run with the first 8km hard uphill


AM: Rest

PM: 30-40minutes progressive running finishes at AT + some runs at 800m speed (200s or 300s) totalling about 1km


AM: 30min easy

PM: 8x600m (@3k-5k pace) jogging 200m between


AM: Speed session: IE 3x5x60m + lifting

PM: rest


Long run, 1 hour+ // or rest

As you can see, some of the emphasis here was on building aerobic capacity, doing threshold work, VO2-max, aerobic runs, etc. At the same time, more anaerobic intervalls at race pace was included (Thursday), as well as speed work (Saturday), strength training, plyometrics, and different kinds of resistance training using both stairs and hill running.

Is this how every 800m-guy trying to break 1:50 should train though? Probably not. Different runners respond to different training. That being said, this program has gotten somebody to 1:48, and I’ll count it as one of the roads that leads to Rome. 800/1500m-runners might benefit from a higher milage approach, 400m/800m-runners might benefit from doing even a little bit less milage and more speed work. But in my opinion, this is a very good program for the pure 800m specialist.

Like this guy right here 

This guy might do chill threshold pace running in his spare time


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