The Perfect Running Form? – Kinetic Revolution Online Running Technique Course Review

So today I want to introduce you guys to Kinetic Revolution. This company has an Online Running Technique Course that I’ve been through, and I thought I’d contribute some value and write a review on it.

perfect majestic running technique

The king, David Rudisha, has in my opinion one of the most majestic running styles out there.


The first and most natural thing to ask oneself when purchasing an online product is “Is this a scam?”. Short answer here: No. Kinetic Revolution is a legit coaching company based in the UK, founded in 2010, and driven by coaches well educated within the fields of physical therapy, physiology and bio-mechanics. These guys are the real deal. They are per September 2015 still in business and still doing multiple running workshops every month in England, so obviously they know their stuff. They also have a pretty big fan-base with more than 50k followers on twitter.

They also put out a lot of free content on their youtube-channel that you can check out to see if you like them.

The course

Personally, I try to always be open-minded and search tirelessly for things that can make me a better runner, even by a small margin. Running technique and bio-mechanics has for a long time been a neglected topic in that search, mostly because I didn’t really think it was that important, and that I had that much to gain from it. However, being huge nerd, I liked the idea of taking an online running course, so when I found out about this I did some research on kinetic revolutions and then bought it. They have a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee, so there wasn’t really anything to lose.

After I bought it I had sign up with a username and password and log into the course page. The course dashboard looks like this:

kinetic revolution online running technique course review

The online technique course is supposed to last for 6 weeks, but as Head Coach James Dunne points out during the course, it should rather be treated as 6 modules, and can be completed faster than 6 weeks. It starts really basic, focusing on things like arm movement and leg mechanics, then it picks up and goes into detail on posture, foot strike, pose running, cadence, and more.

The way the 6 modules work is that they in every module give you a number of workouts you have to complete before moving on to the next module. Each workout consists of technique drills, running form drills, specific strength work for runners, runs and dynamic stretching, all with detailed videos instructions on how to complete the exercise. Below is some pictures from inside the course:

running form drills

kinetic revolution running technique session
With the course you are also added to a course facebook-group that offers tons of value if you use it. It is a super helpful community of runners just like you and me, who are happy to help if you have any questions.


Got knee problems? This is for all you injury prone runners

Now as to why one would even invest in a technique course, becoming a faster runner is already mentioned. Better biomechanics makes you more efficient and you can run faster on lower effort. But even more importantly, better biomechanics drastically increases your chance of staying injury free. You can tell by looking at the bottom-right Facebook-post in the picture above that a woman’s chronic insertion achilles tendon pain went away after switching from heel striking to midfoot/forefoot striking, which is an important part of the course.

If Christopher McDougall’s bestseller Born to Run taught us anything, it’s that modern-day running shoes gives us the luxury of being sloppy with our running technique. You would never run with a heel strike if you ran barefoot. Heel striking and overstriding puts a lot of extra stress on your knees and causes a variety of knee problems, all from runner’s knee (PFPS) to meniscus pain. Now don’t get me wrong, kinetic-revolution won’t try to shove the “barefoot running cult” down your throat and make you go buy vibram fivefinger shoes, but they do help you clean up technique mistakes encouraged by modern running shoes, and in turn prevents you from catching those common running injuries. A lot of the strengthening exercises in the course are also aimed towards injury prevention. If you’ve been struggling with running injuries then this course is tailor made for you.

Not knee problems, but physical therapy for a foot running injury

My take on it: What I can be picky about

  • The videos are a little low quality. And by that, I don’t mean that the content is low quality. The content is awesome. But I feel the image quality could be better on the videos. They are 420p, which really isn’t bad quality, but I feel like if they are gonna charge 50 bucks for an online course they could have invested in a HD camera. However, this is of course being really picky.
  • Also if you ever leave the course website, the login page can be a little bit difficult to find from the kinetic revolution home page. It is however, pretty easy to solve: Just google “kinetic revolution running course” and it shows up top.

My take on it: What I liked

  • Bottom line is, I found the course very useful, myself being a competitive 49/1:52/16:45 – 400m/800m/5k runner. It’s most likely a coincidence, but my 800m SB dropped from 1:56 to 1:54 while taking the course (I think it was in module 5). To be honest, it seems like it is mostly aimed towards hobby runners rather than elites, which I guess makes sense since most elites can just hire a personal technique coach if they even need it. I mean, they’re elites for a reason, right? That being said, nobody is above the process, according to Michael Johnson even Usain Bolt can improve his running style. Point is, this course definitely contains a lot of value and unless you have studied bio-mechanics and running technique for years, I guarantee that you’re going to learn something.
  • I also like the instruction-videos and running modules as they are very clear and easy to follow. This course was built intelligently and is very well structured, starting from the ground and building up to perfect the way you run.
  • The facebook-group functions as a great support team for you and your running both while taking the course and after. The head coach is very active in this group which is also awesome and shows that he believes in his own product.
  • The course is fair priced as of this moment. The original price was $130 which is too high in my opinion, but as I’m writing this the course is 60% off for a total of $50 which to me is a much more reasonable price. That being said, I don’t think they are gonna change it back up any time soon.


If the Kinetic Revolution running course peaked your interest, you can

Click Here To Learn More

And as always, if you have any questions or comment, feel free to post it in the section below and I’ll get back to you. Cheers!

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